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The economy is slow, spending is down, every dollar counts !

We are here to help you have beautiful home furnishings, and save a lot of money doing it .....  How can we do this ?
Simple, by keeping our over head down , we can sell the furniture to you at a lower cost.

If we went and rented a 20,000 square foot building , it would cost appx. $12 a square foot per year , which breaks down to $20,000 a month.  Throw in huge utilities, and a half dozen sales people, a manager, an assistant manager, some ware house workers, and its pretty clear I'd have to be bring in some BIG money.

The only place a retail establishment can bring in money is from you , the customer.  So, by reducing the above mentioned cost, We can obviously sell you furniture for a lot less money that someone that has huge overhead.  You are only going to have so many customers in a month, so to pay high over head you have to get more out of each one that you do get.

We believe in today's financial climate that people will be ok with waiting for a couple weeks to save a lot of money, that saves us having to have a big warehouse, and paying interest payments for the furniture sitting in the warehouse.  Remember, it is ultimately , you, the customer that pays all of the bills.